Jumat, 11 Oktober 2013


 Just posting my potos with my firend diong and shilasy. I go to kota tua before my university started.
we take a picture at house of root, and in front of the museum entrance Fatahilah. Our theme now is vintage, so I wearing a long red skirt that makes me look more graceful. Then do not forget to wear my natural makeup result.

 my fav photo

thanks for that day my bestfriend :*

Kamis, 19 September 2013

Anniversary 29th months

 hai guysssss..... do you know what? its 19th of september, and thats my anniversary. it 29th month anniversary. im so happy in this day.
my wish in this anniversary i hope you can understand what i want and what i didn't want. i just want you to be a man, you are no longer a boy, so be adults. and be serious in our relationship.
i think thats it. i hope you can do what i want.

Selasa, 17 September 2013

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

hai guys...now i'm gonna show you how to makeup smokey eyes. This makeup makes you look sexy, nice, glamor, graceful, and elegant. This makeup perfect for you who have small eyes, cause dark colors will make your eyes look bigger than before. This makeup is suitable for use anytime, but this makeup is usually used at parties, or events at night.

okay guys, I hope you like my tutorial makeup. And I hope I can help you to be a beautiful girl with my tutorial video. Don't forget to try at home. And dont forget to subscribe my channel, because I'll upload the other
tutorial video.  

Selasa, 10 September 2013


 before my holiday finish, i go to the pool SnowBay TMII Jakarta. 
i go there with my friend and my boyfriend. my friend is EBBY with her boyfriend ANDRE, and my beloved boyfriend is BAYU.
we spent the day together , having fun, and enjoy that day.


 thats my story and my photo colections, and this is unforgetable moment for us. we really enjoyed it. thanks SnowBay :*

Jumat, 30 Agustus 2013

Red Flower Crown

I made ​​a crown with red roses. I feel like a queen while wearing the crown. And you know what? I love red roses. So, my mother often brought me red roses. Concept from my photo below is a feminine girl likes red roses, wearing a crown of flowers, long dress, graceful, beautiful, nice, and natural makeup. 
And here I am with a crown of red roses

 woow... look my hair

Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Love Beach

Yeah.. I really love beach, so I planned to go there with my boyfriend. And you know what? turns out he liked it too. wowww we both love beach. After up there we see the beauty of the beach and take pictures. We were there to wait until the afternoon to see the sunset.

with my lovely boo.. 

wow brightness of the sun during the day
my post in instagram

after waiting, it's time to see the sunset!!!
Over there I think this is the first time we make romantic situation with my boyfriend. During saw the sunset we accompanied by the song christian bautista "the way you look at me" it adds to the atmosphere of romance there. We make lipsync video yes  romantic video.. During spent that night he always kiss my forehead and whispering "I LOVE YOU" to me, it's makes me fly... ohh I LOE YOU TOO BOO...

  we spend the night together, we really enjoy it. thanks for that night boo you make me feels so happy. love you soo much boo...