Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Love Beach

Yeah.. I really love beach, so I planned to go there with my boyfriend. And you know what? turns out he liked it too. wowww we both love beach. After up there we see the beauty of the beach and take pictures. We were there to wait until the afternoon to see the sunset.

with my lovely boo.. 

wow brightness of the sun during the day
my post in instagram

after waiting, it's time to see the sunset!!!
Over there I think this is the first time we make romantic situation with my boyfriend. During saw the sunset we accompanied by the song christian bautista "the way you look at me" it adds to the atmosphere of romance there. We make lipsync video yes  romantic video.. During spent that night he always kiss my forehead and whispering "I LOVE YOU" to me, it's makes me fly... ohh I LOE YOU TOO BOO...

  we spend the night together, we really enjoy it. thanks for that night boo you make me feels so happy. love you soo much boo...